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With the sense of responsibility of "I am the root of all the problems" and strong execution power,
all staff persist in learning and growing, willing to share and contribute,
constantly optimize management, think what users think, and create better technology more advanced products.

One-stop surface finishing solution

Introduce 60 R & D team, to innovate technology and innovate products

Developing application fields, customized equipment upgrades

Roller coating is no longer just flat

Market development experience accumulation

Third-generation technology is coming soon

Iterative update of intelligent systems

Diverse product series

Machine working width 1320mm standard model quickly occupy the market

We are committed to providing customers with healthier,more perfprmance,and more attractive green products,
and to provide our users with more environmentally friendly,stable,and efficient green manufacturing equipment.

To achineve the dream of becoming a healthier,sustainable and respective company,Purete are always committed to providing our customers with assured products,touching service and satisfactory price,and helping our suppliers to potimize processing technology in order to enhance productivity.

  • Shunde Manufacturing Base

  • Longjiang base in construction

  • Hubei base in construction

  • Laminating machine area

  • Spraying machine area

  • Roller coating machine area

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